Jumproping is a killer workout that can be integrated into your workout for cardio, warmup, or a great finisher to make sure you are completely done with your workout.  I used to do lots of jumprope when training for gymnastics and I used it primarily for plyometric training - to strengthen my body for bounding elements on the floor.  Boxers use it for foot speed training and endurance, and even older women can do it for a weight bearing activity to prevent osteoporosis.  There - a little bit of benefit for everyone! Here's a Video showing how to do this example workout using the Crossropes as well as a Scosche Rhythm+ to track Heart Rate and the FitnessMat by Wellnessmat.  You can find all these products to do this workout on your own HERE!   

Don't forget, you can do interval training with other exercises other than Jumping Rope!  I often do circuits with timed intervals doing other exercises such as pushups, pullups, dips, rollouts, squats, and more!  I enjoy the variety of the interval training and it's nice to add in some jumprope to add variety and mix it up a bit!  You can see from the Rhythm+ data that my Heart Rate gets up there pretty quickly - especially from using the 3lb. Titan CrossRope Cable.