Try this one! As you know, I’ve been using TRX for many years, and you can see my TRX training playlist on my channel.  I have been playing around with a new exercise sequence I don’t have on my channel and it is this - a Scorpion twist to a one leg pushup and tuck and hold to an inverted leg extension to a pike.  It is a great way to dynamically train your core using a TRX.  Start with one foot in the straps and keeping your back straight and your shoulders over your wrists, bend your free hip and leg and let them hang toward the ground.  Rotate internally without letting your back fall, then slowly rotate externally like a dog on fire hydrant, then rotate back to neutral.  Perform a one leg pushup to tuck, then using your quads on your tucked knee, perform an inverted leg extension to a pike.  DO this one slow and take your time - Got it?  Good, now start over and do it again.  I have been doing reps of 5 or 6 with my clients on each leg and I have found this to be an awesome way to work your core and so much more.  This is a difficult one, but a challenge you might be up for.