I found a really cool way to change up my workout with a very cool product call the xtreme rollers.  They are kind of like perfect pushups… but on steroids, with myriad ways to switch up whatever you are working on in the gym.  They all will require using your bodyweight as resistance which you all know I love, and they are all great for core stability and strength.  

Today I want to go through a little sequence I have been doing with my stronger clients in their homes which is a 1 arm pushup with 1 arm, while doing a bodyweight fly with the other arm, switching sides, and then doing a rollout forward, and starting over.  We are going to be using these xtreme rollers for this exercise which ive been using with my clients to keep their workouts fresh.  These xtreme rollers are very unstable, and you need to be careful while doing this exercise or else it will be snap city.  I recommend starting on your knees on the pad they give you here, and really keep your elbow in on your 1 arm pushup side and don’t shrug your shoulder but instead engage your lat on that side and hollow out your chest so you get a really good support.  Roll your fly side out directly to your side, or even down a bit below your shoulder and I think it’s a good idea to not let your hand go up over your shoulder.  You should feel this in your pecs, abs, and maybe a few other spots that could surprise you the next morning.

Try to go for 5 reps of sequence, and  When this gets easier slowly build up to 10 reps.  If that is still not a challenge, try it on your toes and go back to shooting for 5.  I still haven’t been able to do the rollout on my toes with any success - it is a knarly one - but the rest of the sequence is do able on the toes and when it comes to doing the rollout you can go on your knees for the rollout and then go back on your toes for the rest.

This is just one example of the many cool things to do with this great product.  I use it with my clients, I believe in it, and you can get yours with free shipping with promo code xtreme on my site