Exercise Name: Ball Hamstring Curl

Body Part(s) Worked: Glutes / Hamstrings / Core

Start: Begin lying on your back with your ankles on the ball and your hands by your side.

Middle: Elevate your body to make your body totally flat, keeping your feet flexed and abdominals drawn in.

Finish: Curl your feet underneath your body, finishing with your heels on the ball, and feet still flexed.

Squeeze your hamstrings and slowly return to the middle position. Keep your knees close together and your

abdominals tightened the entire times.


Note: If this exercise becomes easy, try it with one leg! (below)


Start: Begin with one heel on the ball and one foot in the air.

Finish: Slowly pull your foot underneath your body, finishing with your heel on the ball. Use your arms to stabilize

your body, keeping your abdominals drawn in the entire duration of the exercise.

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