I’ve been getting a lot of requests for a video on stretching so today I’m going to walk you through an example of what I used to do for stretching at least 6 days a week.  Doing these stretches can improve your flexibility if they are done on a regular basis and I would definitely advise caution while doing this, you can get hurt stretching, so know your limits, don’t over do it, and if I am not liable if you rip yourself apart.  I’m not going to edit this up a ton, so feel free to do this along with me real time although I might be going a bit quick.  As a general rule you want to hold stretches for about 30 seconds and this routine should be done after you are warmed up.  We used to bounce trampoline for 15 minutes or do some light conditioning to get warmed up, but you can do what you want.  Lately I’ve been doing a lot of the TRX Rip trainer to get my clients warmed up and I think that is a great tool to get the blood flowing.  So, enjoy the music and follow along!