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I bet you can lose weight.  In fact, YOU can bet YOU can lose weight also.  Beginning next week I’ll be leading a Diet Bet on where you can put your money where your mouth is and bet that YOU will lose 4% of your body weight in 4 weeks. HOW FUN!  Yep, You put in 50 bucks, you lose 4% and you split the pot with all of your fellow winners.  Very simple.  The more people in the bet, the larger the pot, so get some of your buddies involved!  This is a great motivator, and will provide you with some much needed accountability.  I am going to do this with you as well.  Can’t hurt to lean out a bit before summer, right?  To Get Started, all you have to do is go to and join my bet.  Get your weight verified, and get losing.  Along the way I will be providing guidance, and even doing some live google plus hangouts with you to answer any questions or even for some in home workouts.  We can all chat in a group message board, talk trash, and share our own recipes, successes, failures, food logs, and support each other so we all win.

The bet will begin on Monday April 8th, so make sure you are all signed up, weighed in, and ready to go by then.  Once again,  Grab your friends, get them to do this with you, commit, let’s lose some weight, and let’s make some money while we are at it... Right???

Once you are all signed up and ready to go, you can begin by trying some recipes in my healthy cooking playlist and check out my At Home Workout series to give you some killer workouts at home to kick start your weight loss.  Let’s do this!  


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