Chris R - Corporate Fitness Training

"Being someone who is constantly on the "GO", it was hard for me to find the time to workout on a regular basis. Jon has helped me to concentrate on a work out schedule that works for me. He comes well prepared with his charts and workout program tailored made for my body type. In a few short weeks I have seen excellent results and have increased my energy levels. I highly recommend Jon as your personal trainer. His committment to me has been more than I expected. Thanks Jon!"

David Dimas, Age, 46,

Internet Marketing Consultant

“Jon’s dedication and passion for working out inspired me to commit and stick with his program. His program offers a fresh, fun approach to exercise. He is knowledgeable, and creates a specialized program that guarantees results. In just 6 weeks, I lost 3 inches around my waist, 8 pounds of fat, and I feel great!”

Laura Erdman

“I have been training with Jon for only two months, and after the second week I already had more energy and stamina during my entire day! In just two months my clothes are fitting differently, and I can actually see a difference in the mirror!”

Don Kick

"As a single working mother of two active girls in high school, time is limited. My life has been described by others as "burning the candle at both ends": 40+ hours at work, monthly volunteer hours, banquets, fundraisers, prom, senior activities, sleepovers, and competitions are

some of the monthly demands on my life. Thank you to Jon Ham of

Fitness on the Run who has shown me how to slow down twice a week for my 30 - 40 minutes of core work-out for my mental and health well-being.

I started working out with Jon about 2 years ago after work with a group of Fiserv employees. Since I joined Jon's regular exercise program, I have gained and maintained body tone and structure. My arms and thighs are behaving and keeping themselves up instead of flapping the wind.

The most significant change was evident with my recent annual physical at the doctor's office; 16 months ago my bone density test showed signs and risk for osteoporosis, the doctor was amazed on the big improvement the new test results showed. I am now on the green level of the chart vs. red.

Jon's regular workout program is proof of medical benefits including those you cannot physically see.

Thanks again Jon for your weekly support and keeping me focused on what's important, enjoying a healthy life through regular exercise!"

Jan G. - Corporate Fitness Training

Before working with Jon my workouts were not consistent. Having a regular schedule with Jon kept me on track. The workouts instructed by Jon are unique. Jon kept me motivated and brought me to a higher level. As a result I became stronger and toned up my body.


George S - Corporate Fitness Training

I was truly amazed at the results of training with Jon. He started the workouts at a level that I could handle and worked up from there. Jon was very supportive and helped achieve my goals. He set very reasonable goals for me. It was a lifestyle change for me and I know I can not go back to the way I did things. He made it easy to accomplish this. I lost 33 pounds, 7 ½ inches in my waist, 5 ½ inches in my hips, went down 2 sizes, and I now have muscles, which I had not seen in a long, long time. I can walk up a flight of stairs and not huff and puff. I can’t say enough about Jon and his training. This program was the best thing that ever happened to me.

Lisa S - Corporate Fitness Training

In the late 1980's I had a rotator cuff injurythat severely limited the mobility in my right shoulder. Medical doctors had given up on rehabilitation

of my shoulder. With the help of Jon Ham and his program, I have complete and pain free use of my right arm.

Thank You Jon,

Dale L - Corporate Fitness Training