A Testimonial - Chris R.

Jon has been doing Corporate Fitness Training with Fiserv for a few years now. I always passed on it since I thought I would be able to do it on my own when I got home. I can honestly say at this point that it didn’t happen. I would join the gym and do what I thought was good on the occasions that I went.

I finally decided to take part in the Corporate Fitness Program and it really opened my eyes to what training was all about. No two workouts are the same and I can’t believe the variety of workouts Jon provides. Every workout we do seem produces a different sore muscle the next day. It is so convenient to have him come to our location. It doesn’t give you time to make excuses by the time you get home.

I have to admit, the first workout was one of the hardest things I have done since my body was not use to it. I’m two months in and have lost almost 15 pounds between his workouts and taking more time to watch what I eat. I can say now that I am sorry that I did not participate sooner. I feel healthier and as much as I’m not really a workout type person, I look forward to the workouts as I feel like I really accomplished something that day and feel better when I’m done as I know that I am making a difference with my health.

Thanks again Jon for making a difference and I thank my Company for offering such a program to help better ourselves.

Chris R