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New Year’s Revolution: Throw away your resolutions, you’ll just break them anyway. Start your own New Year’s Revolution.

New Years Resolutions - quit smoking, drink less alcohol, and lose weight!

95% of New Year’s resolutions are broken nearly as quickly as they are made. This is an unfortunate statistic that I would like to change drastically. I want people to become pro-active in their resolutions and enjoy the changes in their life. In order to do this I am calling for you to throw away your resolutions, you’ll just break them anyway. I want you to start your own New Year’s revolution.

Starting a revolution in yourself is to start a major change in your life. I feel that one of the reasons we give up on our resolutions is that we don’t commit to them. If you were to start a revolution, you are making an intrepid commitment to dive into the changes. This blog will help you revolutionise three of the most easily broken resolutions.