95% of New Year’s resolutions are broken nearly as quickly as they are made. This is an unfortunate statistic that I would like to change drastically. I want people to become pro-active in their resolutions and enjoy the changes in their life. In order to do this I am calling for you to throw away your resolutions, you’ll just break them anyway. I want you to start your own New Year’s revolution.

Starting a revolution in yourself is to start a major change in your life. I feel that one of the reasons we give up on our resolutions is that we don’t commit to them. If you were to start a revolution, you are making an intrepid commitment to dive into the changes. This blog will help you revolutionise three of the most easily broken resolutions.

Drink Less Alcohol


If your New Year’s resolution is to drink less booze, I have a way to New Year’s revolutionise that sucker. Give up alcohol completely. If only for the month of January, where you can get involved in Cancer Research’s Dryathlon. You’ll get healthier, you’ll have the support of a charity behind you and you can raise some money for a good charity. Take a look at their website and see how much money you spend a month on booze, they’ll also tell you how many calories you take in from booze alone. Those figures alone will have you running in the opposite direction to a glass of wine. Giving up drinking will save you a tonne of moolah and with the Dryathlon as your helper you have an excuse to not drink when your friends goad you in the pub. You can try on your own or in teams, if your mates want to help out too.

Stop Smoking

no smoking sign 1.jpg

There are so many methods to stopping smoking now. You’ve got chewing gum, tablets, patches, Stoptober, E-cigarettes and plain old self-control. With so many methods available the way to revolutionise the change to becoming a non-smoker is to try and do what feels natural. You don’t want to be thinking about that cigarette all the time, you need to be choosing a method that makes you not care about the smoke. With so many methods there’ll be one or two that fit, trial and error is the way. What is most important is that you try and not put yourself in places where you are around smoking and tempted to smoke.

Lose Weight


Losing weight could be the hardest of all the resolutions. But it shouldn’t be, if you revolutionise it. You need to come up with a system that fits you, something that won’t have you feeling you can’t leave the sofa and only running to the cupboards for mars bars. You need to find an exercise that you enjoy something you can do two or three times a week, it can be as light as going for a walk (though you should do this everyday) or as fun as going bouldering at your local climbing centre.

You should also try a diet that suits you. Milkshake diets are lauded by those who do them. Replace one meal a day with a shake and watch the fat fall off. You can use weight loss supplements to go in your shakes, These ones created for LA Muscle can help with the energy you need to get through your day and not feel hungry.