The New Scosche Rhythm+ Armband Heart Rate Monitor for ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart devices

Wearable technologies are the hot thing right now, and if you haven’t heard, the Scosche Rhythm+ Armband Heart Rate Monitor could be the hottest.  The Rhythm+ is a direct Chest Strap killer that has an ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart dual radio to work with all Garmin or Nike wrist watches as well as all of the newest smartphones equipped with Bluetooth Smart (4.0).  The Rhythm+ is worn on the forearm and is secured with a comfortable, lightweight, washable velcro strap.   

I think the Rhythm+ is a game changer for a few reasons -

1. It works with everything.

    Whether you are on a spinning bike using an Ipad doing intervals, Running connected to an ANT+ watch, or cycling outdoors connected to both your Garmin Edge cycling computer and your cell phone, there are so many ways to track your heart rate with Rhythm+.  You can use your favorite fitness ecosystem Apps such as RunKeeper, Digifit, MapMyFitness, Strava and more, or you can use your favorite ANT+ devices.  The choice is yours.  This makes the Rhythm a versatile wearable technology you will want to add into your training

2. It is comfortable

    The Scosche Rhythm+ utilizes a flexible, lightweight velcro strap that has no latex if you have a latex allergy and won’t cause irritation or cut off blood flow to your hands.  Other watch style optical pulse monitors that compete with the Rhythm+ need to be worn so tightly to be accurate they can cut off blood flow and create a very uncomfortable experience.  The forearm is a very comfortable location to wear a heart rate monitor and is a very large step up from a chest strap! Women and some men tend to dislike the chest strap and the Rhythm+ is a viable alternative.  

 3. It is very accurate

Rhythm+ is available on my Shop!

Rhythm+ is available on my Shop!

     The Scosche Rhythm+ uses Valencell’s Performtek Biometric Sensors which has proven to be extremely reliable during high intensity exercise by Duke University, NC State University, and The American College of Sports Medicine. The Rhythm+ continuously measures real-time heart rate data and sends the heart rate number to your favorite device.  It employs 2 green LED’s and 1 Yellow LED for accurate readings on all skin tones along with a photosensor to read blood density signals within your bloodstream.  An onboard chip crunches the photosensor’s data through algorithms and sends a final heart rate # to your favorite device.

Here is a graph of a 1 hour mountain bike ride on bumpy trails using 3 heart rate monitoring devices - the Scosche Rhythm Plus, a Chest Strap and the Mio Link.  As you can see, the Mio Link which is worn on the wrist has a bit of a struggle keeping up with the Rhythm and Chest strap.  

The Future of Health Monitoring is HERE!

The Rhythm Plus is Future Compatible.  So, in the future health monitoring ecosystem where you show your doctor your blood pressure, weight graph, food log, sleeping data, the Rhythm+ is THE device that will accurately show your workout results, heart rate zones, calories burned, and recovery rates to assess your physical condition.  And to prove your are doing the work!  I think insurance companies would like to see that data in the future… just a thought.    

Go check out the Scosche Rhythm+ Here and let me know what you think!  


Excellent data from the Rhythm+ using the Digifit App for Android showing time in each Heart Rate Zone.

A very nice summary of heart rate in each zone

Summary Data from a Mountain Bike Ride.

Elevation Change over the Mountain bike ride

Summary of Speed changes during the mountain bike ride

Google map summarizing the mountain bike ride within digifit

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Full Disclosure - I am a Consultant for Scosche Health and Fitness and I have been testing the Scosche Rhythm Plus heart rate monitoring armband from inception.