Here’s a killer exercise I do with my home training clients that is a challenge to your whole body.  Especially your Butt, legs, shoulders and even your balance.  It’s a modification to the Bulgarian Split squat by adding a biceps curl and a shoulder press with dumbbells.  So, let’s break it down.

Start by putting one foot up on a bench and make sure you get your toes under your foot with your foot flexed - this allows for a greater range of motion.  Take a big step forward and drop your back knee down while keeping your front knee on top of your foot and maintaining good upper body posture.  Keep your front knee tracking straight forward, without letting it move out to the side either way.  Perform a palms up biceps curl on the way up from the squat and at the top of the squat, do a shoulder press, and then slowly lower down to a support at the shoulders, and on the way down in your split squat, lower the dumbbells and your arms should be straight at the bottom of the squat, then repeat!  

I think 6 to 10 reps per leg depending on how much weight you are using is a great way to challenge your entire kinetic chain in an efficient and effective way. So, try this combo this week and let me know in the comments below what fails first.  In other words, what is your weakest link?  This might depend on how much weight you are using, but I want to know what you guys experience when you do this.