I am so grateful to Fitness on the Run and Jon Ham as I now have exercise that I am able to stick with in my life and have never been happier or in better shape! It has significantly changed my life! I had always "wanted" to work out but could never find the time or force myself to go to the gym after a long day of school or work. When I started working at Fiserv almost two years ago, I was told that one of the great things my company offered was having a personal trainer come in twice a week right after work for 40 minutes of core training. I immediately signed up which I had done in the past with a couple different gyms and decided to try it out. However, almost two years later, I look forward to my Tuesday/Thursday workouts and feel incomplete without them. I also make an effort to work out at least one or two other days during the week. Since Jon comes right after work, I have no excuse "Not" to go and do not have to drive anywhere. Even on those days when I don't feel like working out, I know Jon will be there to push me. 10 minutes into working out, I am always so grateful that I went. Once my endorphins kick in, I feel better than I have all day!

It's an amazing feeling! Now that I started working out, I find that I have more energy than ever. I don't mind doing those extra errands after work and have started to convince my friends to take walks with me and start eating better.

Before Jon, I was always the one on moving day to give the "lightest boxes too." I am happy to say, I can now hold my own and carry those "medium heavy boxes."

It has really changed my life and I am so grateful! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Shahna S.

Corporate Fitness Training